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One platform that connects all your equipment

Mercatus Bioscience are connectivity-ready with Dialog IoT platform. This platform works as an additional level of security and connects all your client’s equipment’s for more effective management.
One platform that connects all your equipment


    Choosing the Right Medical Refrigerator for Your Needs
    A guide to make an informed decision when choosing the best medical refrigerator for each specific needs.
    Safe Cold Chain Management
    The journey of pharmaceuticals from Manufacturer to Patient and how to secure a safe cold chain.
    Impact of temperature fluctuation on medicines
    Pharmaceuticals require precise temperature control since deviations can lead to molecular changes.
    How to choose the right laboratory fridge
    When choosing a laboratory refrigerator there are facts that should be considered. Discover the facts here!
    Guidance on specimen storage
    Temperature is crucial and organisation mitigates human errors. Discover how to correctly store products in a lab refrigerator.
    Guide for effective medical storage
    Medical storage requires precise temperature control and backup protection to ensure samples integrity.
    Bioscience range has 3 years warranty
    Exciting News: In our ongoing commitment to deliver quality, we're thrilled to announce that our Acura & Exige product range comes with a 3-year warranty!
    The top uses of a refrigerator in a laboratory setting
    The top use of a refrigerator in a laboratory is irrelevant if the fridge lacks the capacity to protect a specimen's integrity.
    IoT in healthcare: a game changer
    The integration of IoT technology into healthcare systems is revolutionizing the industry. That’s why all Mercatus Bioscience are IoT-enabled.
    Medicine fridges for vaccine storage
    To be correctly stored vaccines must be saved in specialised refrigerators designed for the storage of pharmaceutical products.
    5 best practices for vaccine storage
    The correct storage of vaccines guarantee their safety, effectiveness, and ensure the preservation of their potency and medical properties.
    Vaccine cold storage requirements
    Vaccines classified as sensitive biological substances and prescription-only medicines must be stored in a specialist pharmacy fridge.

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