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IoT in healthcare: a game changer

1 Minute Read

The integration of IoT technology into healthcare systems is revolutionizing patient care, treatment processes, and medical research.

As technology seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, we witness its impact, evident in the surge of telemedicine consultations and smart medical devices that continuously monitor patients' well-being.

Cooling equipment for healthcare is no exception. That’s why all Mercatus Bioscience products are IoT-enabled with our cloud-based IoT platform - Dialog. This platform monitors all critical components, performance and ambient to empower users to act in preparation.

With Dialog IoT, remotely monitoring laboratory or pharmacy cooling equipment is a breeze, thanks to intelligent metrics. This cutting-edge system oversees your refrigeration equipment, instilling confidence in the safety of your sensitive products. Besides, operational alerts ensure swift responses to issues, providing peace of mind.

Consider this: even during a power outage, data processing continues seamlessly. Operators can access real-time information through the Dialog web app, ensuring prompt action to maintain optimal temperature conditions within the cabinet.

Enjoy the peace of mind of having all cooling devices continuously monitored connected across all facilities.

For a live demonstration of all Dialog features, contact our team today.