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The Bioscience range

Pathing the way for medical care through empowering health and enriching science.

Sector applications


    Pharmaceutical refrigeration

    A range of refrigerators intended for storage of medicines and vaccines, specially engineered in terms of temperature stability, air flow and storage to keep products safe for longer.


    Laboratorial refrigeration

    A range of refrigerators engineered to safeguard priceless research and clinical samples through precise control, stable cooling and by taking technology to a whole new level.


Tomorrow′s precision technology to today′s healthcare.

Acura offers the very best in precision temperature control, combined with intelligent next-generation technology for healthcare refrigeration.


Reliable and efficient healthcare refrigeration, every time.

Exige offers efficient coooling that exceeds expectations, user-friendly, energy efficient and stable refrigeration. Exige delivers reliable refrigeration, everytime.


Our History

Innovating in cooling solutions since 1995

With over 25 years of experience, we have acquired enough industry knowledge and invested significant resources to provide best-in-class refrigeration solutions worldwide. Building upon this foundation, we have extended our expertise to encompass the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors, providing cutting-edge commercial refrigeration and cooling options tailored for healthcare preservation needs.



    IoT in healthcare: a game changer

    The integration of IoT technology into healthcare systems is revolutionizing the industry. That’s why all Mercatus Bioscience are IoT-enabled.


    5 best practices for vaccine storage

    The correct storage of vaccines guarantee their safety, effectiveness, and ensure the preservation of their potency and medical properties.


    Vaccine cold storage requirements

    Vaccines classified as sensitive biological substances and prescription-only medicines must be stored in a specialist pharmacy fridge.

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